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About Us

Whether it’s TECHNOLOGY or ANALOG based games, we bring MAXIMUM FUN

As a group of game enthusiast – mobile, tabletop, card games and everything in between
we execute on original IP and team up with famous and up and coming brands. We love the augmented reality and blockchain
spaces and develop games in Unity, Vuforia, AR Core, AR Kit, Magic Leap, HoloLens, along with cardboard and paper.

With an emphasis on team work and collaboration with succesful game development crews and game designers we look to
grow and expand our reach for the years to come, we keep advancing both our organisation and balanced development.

We are working on many exciting gaming projects.

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Did you know “WarePlay” is a mash up of all the “wares” (software, hardware, ware-ables) and “play” (how humans have
learned about life since the beginning of time)? Our philosophy is simple, technology should be the accessories to fun game play, not just technology for technology’s sake. Our team has game-making experience, graphic capabilities and believe in a structured iterative

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